ladders & the memories i will be//a poem

Escapril again!! prompts: sunset & “the view from up here” ladders and stairsrooftop straights allleading up to the sky, ungatedairspace above homes unknown to the ones beside them andsomehow still holding their own hopesuniform homes contain unique residences, each a story waiting to be toldfor better or for worsea life boxed into 80 years canContinue reading “ladders & the memories i will be//a poem”

Cities//a poem

This is a poem I wrote for “escapril” based off of the prompt “Cities”. Cities seem to go by so fast as if the moment that we’re in won’t last unless we’re rushing through it. I want to undo it all. Cities seem to swallow whole the ideas that I had for destination. “Why createContinue reading “Cities//a poem”

strength to strength//poem

Abba, When I wake up to you, Fresh morning dew Still wet on the ground and the sound of your voice Dancing in my ear, I hear you whisper “I give new strength day to day.” Payer of debts, forgiver of sins Wonderful councillor Redeemer and friend One who is just, the one who createsContinue reading “strength to strength//poem”