slow growth/worth the knowing//a poem

the idea of slow consistent growthlike leaves on treeslike yeast in dough like small steps of choosinglike a small bite and againand chew and chewing and you’re eating againlike stopping to notice the tension you holdbetween the space of your eyes andyour neck’s arching dome perhaps it is ok if todayyou are not quite atContinue reading “slow growth/worth the knowing//a poem”

today, i am resting//a poem

today, I am resting.I am resting in the whirl-down of Tuesdaysclass in glass, keep it alltucked in, hands down words outwork day Tuesdays.I am resting. I am resting in this conversationhead high, determinationfully knowing that my worth isn’tdetermined by you or me so I havesecurity in whatever things you hold in your heart and mouththatContinue reading “today, i am resting//a poem”