unfocused day dreams//a poem

i’d dream for daysfilling every hour withwishing i had the powerto force beauty into bloom; i am looking in the wrong places for beauty andlife andhope. i want to dwell on you and all that you are andpleaselet my hours befilled only and all withThee.


She is the dawn and I am the clouds she ever shyly tints. I am the reflective explosions of colour as she chooses where to leave her mark, Iam the birds first waking up after she rises, in my world I wish to control where she rises and sets butin truth there is no wayContinue reading “dance”


Late night thoughts 🙂 Behind each of our eyes lies a thousand lands that no one else can see; places where we dare to dream and scheme and hope and scream for more. Where we search for our core. There behind the locked door of our minds we dare to imagine beyond our little world and weContinue reading “{Ask}”