obedience//a reflection

unobstructed obedience ofthe only one who had any right to deny itwith all authority given to himhe still chose humiliation andthe degradation of his body forour souls.holes in his hands for our sin-washed cleansing, condemninghimself to death.the fullness of God on earthmade himself me, formed from dirthumbled himself to nothing, so we know nothing weContinue reading “obedience//a reflection”

even in this darkness//a poem

even in this darknesswhen my heart is aching for the touch of familiar ease free of the thought of disease and feareven here, there is joy. there is the pouring of water in time with song andlong pauses when I can hear my own breath, there are small dances in the kitchen,pockets of laughter sandwichedContinue reading “even in this darkness//a poem”

slow growth/worth the knowing//a poem

the idea of slow consistent growthlike leaves on treeslike yeast in dough like small steps of choosinglike a small bite and againand chew and chewing and you’re eating againlike stopping to notice the tension you holdbetween the space of your eyes andyour neck’s arching dome perhaps it is ok if todayyou are not quite atContinue reading “slow growth/worth the knowing//a poem”

the word//a surrendering spoken word

in the beginning was the word and the word knew that through him everything would be made. and the word knew that to save he would have to endure pain/ the word knew that to save there would be shame and an earthly body and still to earth he came and though the word isContinue reading “the word//a surrendering spoken word”

today, i am resting//a poem

today, I am resting.I am resting in the whirl-down of Tuesdaysclass in glass, keep it alltucked in, hands down words outwork day Tuesdays.I am resting. I am resting in this conversationhead high, determinationfully knowing that my worth isn’tdetermined by you or me so I havesecurity in whatever things you hold in your heart and mouththatContinue reading “today, i am resting//a poem”

cold canadian courage//a poem

from poember prompt “cozy memories” i moved when I was 12 but before thatwe would dance in 3-foot snow atour chance to know cold and courage, canadian wintersaren’t as hard as people think, there aretime-old traditions and steaming hot drinksand snow in my hair and my nose andbright-red face and laughteron the hill as theContinue reading “cold canadian courage//a poem”

laughing on my own//a poem

from the poember prompt “the last time you laughed” the thing is,right now I’m locked down at home and soit feels like all of the laughs are alone all the time whichwould be quite lonely if you think about it(it is) butI also like my own brain (and it’s lonely) andthe small beings who usedContinue reading “laughing on my own//a poem”

bamboo mugs & china//a poem

from poember day 8// tea cups and the vibe of the people drinking from them They’re /gen-z climate change activist wannabesclutching bamboo mugs made of fibre and gluedoing their bit to save the world and worryingwhat may become of it They’re /80s kids, large mugs with handles so wide and ceramic so thick that italmostContinue reading “bamboo mugs & china//a poem”