//paper flies//

Paper airplane flying dreams plain and simple straight and clean. Stark contrast with the business, past which it streams; mind of a child taking wings. Imagine if we took everything like a piece of paper- saw past the four edges the bold letters, hard desk edges and saw the potential. If the sheet was folded,Continue reading “//paper flies//”

{This is Paradise}

I miss the hot humid evenings of walking and no fear and laughter over everything. You taught me to accept and to reject rejection. It’s a rare thing to find people who are of the same mind and who set you on fire more than you were before they were in your life. But eventually-Continue reading “{This is Paradise}”

//He Sees//

When you are tired Rest in peace Breathe in Be still And know he sees The words spoken over you Do not define The sparkle of life In your eyes Don’t be afraid of it Don’t try to hide Live boldly and speak What’s shouting inside Tonight was draining so When you’re helpless call TheContinue reading “//He Sees//”

Advent Through Poetry Day SIXTEEN (Door To a New World)

Uh-oh, here comes another one.  The hooman already said we have no room-  But all they can do is come and pound on me like drums of doom! People never stop to think of how much it hurts when people pound on you day and night-  pretty sure that’s the worst.  But this poor womanContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day SIXTEEN (Door To a New World)”

Advent Through Poetry Day FIFTEEN (Swaddling Cloths)

Rolled, wrapped, folded, packed.  I don’t know where we go.  Bump, jar, skid, groan.  We seem to be moving slow.  Cold, dark, night, traveling.  Perhaps I can give her warmth.  Dusty, dirty, stretched, worn.  Then again, I might get marked.  Baby, crying, stable, unwrapped.  Put to my true use.  Swaddled, folded, quieted, stilled.  Not aContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day FIFTEEN (Swaddling Cloths)”