//paper flies//

Paper airplane flying dreams plain and simple straight and clean. Stark contrast with the business, past which it streams; mind of a child taking wings. Imagine if we took everything like a piece of paper- saw past the four edges the bold letters, hard desk edges and saw the potential. If the sheet was folded,Continue reading “//paper flies//”

Advent Through Poetry Day TWELVE (I Just Wanna Be a Sheep)

Out in the fields, we all are.  Wait- a light appeared in the sky! I’m falling on my back and now I’m stuck. Scared I’ll be made into pie.  Wait what? The lights are…singing! I feel fuzzy all over.  What is this they say? The Messiah is here and we are chosen? They must beContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day TWELVE (I Just Wanna Be a Sheep)”

Advent Through Poetry Day ELEVEN (Hay!)

So sorry to all the three people who read my blog- forgot to post this yesterday! This week it’s all about perspective. I’m just hay- hey! What’s that small bundle wrapped in cloth they just put in my feeding trough? Why is it squirming and screaming and- Ew! Is that puke?? All over me? NoContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day ELEVEN (Hay!)”

Advent Through Poetry Day TEN (Super Saturday Song)

SO PEEPS! Song day 😀 I actually started this last Christmas, forgot about it, and restart/finished it at about 11 pm last night. Will post the lyrics tomorrow- kinda forgot to write them out today  as you will see in the Vid. Also, it’s my birthday…. yay! 14 🙂 Link to song is here. Enjoy!

Advent Through Poetry Day FIVE (Why?)

Out in the fields watching over the sheep Calm, ordinary, normal, to survive.  Knowing that the day you set foot in town You’ll hear the lies Realize that you’re kind is despised Why? Suddenly a host appears above Wild, different, brilliant, insane.  Telling you that the day you set foot in town You’ll meet theContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day FIVE (Why?)”