strength to strength//poem

Abba, When I wake up to you, Fresh morning dew Still wet on the ground and the sound of your voice Dancing in my ear, I hear you whisper “I give new strength day to day.” Payer of debts, forgiver of sins Wonderful councillor Redeemer and friend One who is just, the one who createsContinue reading “strength to strength//poem”

Advent Through Poetry Day SIX (Names Of Jesus)

Unto us a son is born. The Prince of Peace Star of the morn.  Wonderful Councilor Almighty God Chancellor.  Alpha, Omega beginning and end.  Eternal, forever redeemer, friend.  Beloved, Son of God. Christ alone Rabbi, teacher,  Cornerstone.  Hope to Hopeless light in the Dark. The word from God Sole hitter of God’s mar-less mark.  TheContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day SIX (Names Of Jesus)”