Welsh Wanderings: a quest to show God’s love in Wales.

Being stuck at home has made me a little travel crazy. I thought I’d share some stories from my time on outreach in Wales a couple of years ago. I cannot remember the order of the days, so if you were there, forgive my mixups.  If you want to read my previous post about FirestartersContinue reading “Welsh Wanderings: a quest to show God’s love in Wales.”

Local Outreach With the Vails and Pies in the Face!

Heeey guys! It has been an intense few weeks- from door to door evangelism with our friends to fundraising for Hong Kong to moving out of our house for three months. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first: We had nine people staying with us for a week. Yup. Nine. It was awesome!Continue reading “Local Outreach With the Vails and Pies in the Face!”

Hong Kong Trip!!!

Hey peoples!* So back in January I joined a youth organization called FireStarters. FireStarters is 40ish youth +leaders who go to a different church for one weekend per month. We sleep on the floor, do worship and teaching together, pray TONS for each other and others, and do some incredible outreach. I usually do propheticContinue reading “Hong Kong Trip!!!”