Cancer: can you be grateful for it?

I’m sitting with a lady who I’ve never met before. She just walked through our church door today with a friend, and she is flowing with Jesus. Lilian tells me that she is riddled with cancer, but what she says next makes me want to cry. “I am so grateful for it.” She is so gratefulContinue reading “Cancer: can you be grateful for it?”

Local Outreach With the Vails and Pies in the Face!

Heeey guys! It has been an intense few weeks- from door to door evangelism with our friends to fundraising for Hong Kong to moving out of our house for three months. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first: We had nine people staying with us for a week. Yup. Nine. It was awesome!Continue reading “Local Outreach With the Vails and Pies in the Face!”