Advent Through Poetry Day TWENTY-TWO(Treasure)

She treasured all these things in her heart.  These promises that  her child, her son was messiah.  Chosen one.  She treasured up  with joyful praise these words that made up for darker days. Days where she knew not whether he would kill her whether she’d be stopped.  Days where close friends said I do  notContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day TWENTY-TWO(Treasure)”

Advent Through Poetry Day TWENTY (Recognize)

HELLO! So sorry this is late- I’ve been dead for the past couple days with an amazingly nasty lil’ bug that I  have only just begun to get rid of. Here is the poem for December 20th 🙂 Fell out of the sky  like a shooting star. So unexpected  so off the charts. Amazing how Continue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day TWENTY (Recognize)”

Advent Through Poetry Day EIGHTEEN (A Million)

A thousand messengers wait; a million take their place. A thousand wait to reveal the expanse of all God’s grace.  They wait in silence, they wait hidden.  They wait until they are bidden to reveal God’s grace.  At last they are allowed  to unveil their presence. and they explain  God’s grace in it’s simplest essence.  The thousandContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day EIGHTEEN (A Million)”

Advent Through Poetry Day SIXTEEN (Door To a New World)

Uh-oh, here comes another one.  The hooman already said we have no room-  But all they can do is come and pound on me like drums of doom! People never stop to think of how much it hurts when people pound on you day and night-  pretty sure that’s the worst.  But this poor womanContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day SIXTEEN (Door To a New World)”