Often times Inadequacy Is not measured by how full our cup is But by how full theirs is. We don’t forgive ourselves As easily For forgetting. Instead, we’re overstressing Trying to fit in this thing and that thing and Pushing ourselves to the brink Just so we can think that We’ve achieved the mark. BecauseContinue reading “//Inadequacy//”

//He Sees//

When you are tired Rest in peace Breathe in Be still And know he sees The words spoken over you Do not define The sparkle of life In your eyes Don’t be afraid of it Don’t try to hide Live boldly and speak What’s shouting inside Tonight was draining so When you’re helpless call TheContinue reading “//He Sees//”

{Generation Overtaken}

Rises fuller, higher. Add more, leave more behind. Towering above us The ground below rises up to meet the crest- farther, gaining momentum. Whoosh, growing louder sucking in the surface before peaking, soaring callig out- ‘Here I stand, here I stride forwards- make room, stand clear.’ And then- Crescendo overflow collision of materials one penetratingContinue reading “{Generation Overtaken}”

Advent Through Poetry Day TWENTY-FOUR (The Child)

GUYS! We made it!! Not quite on time, perhaps, but today is the twenty-fourth day of poetry. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have 🙂 For my last poem I’m trying my hand at spoken word poetry….perhaps my brothers and I will do it together sometime and I’ll post a vidContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day TWENTY-FOUR (The Child)”