Advent Through Poetry Day TWO (Return of the Christmas Pageant)

So for my first time appearing on le stage I was Mary. I was (gulp!) four. Joseph was also around this age. And so, as the mature and responsible toddlers/kids that we were, we did what any other little folks would have done in that situation. What was that, you say? Welp, it’s recorded inContinue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day TWO (Return of the Christmas Pageant)”

Advent Through Poetry Day ONE (Into the World)

Advent is a beautiful season. A time for reflecting on the God wild and crazy enough to send his own son down to earth he had created and we had destroyed in order to fulfill the crazy love story planned out before the beginning of time itself. Pretty sure that’s a run-on sentence but whatever.Continue reading “Advent Through Poetry Day ONE (Into the World)”