My book got nominated for a reader’s choice award…

I’m wildly excited to announce that my book Waiting Spaces has been nominated for a reader’s choice award with TCK publishing!!

Whether or not it finishes high on the list, I’m so honoured that it got accepted onto it.

If you would take a minute to vote for it, that would mean so much to me! You may need to click through the categories since it is under section 16 (religion books) or hit the back arrow from the first category.

You can vote for it here.

I’m already overwhelmed by how much support it’s gotten. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported it by helping me through the publishing journey, reading it, reviewing it, and now voting for it! I’m so crazy blessed!

A little about TCK publishing for nerds like me: they’re a cross between a traditional and indie publishing company and they run this award annually to help recognise aspiring authors! If you’re thinking of publishing a book and aren’t sure whether to go traditional or indie, this may be the place for you.

Purchase Waiting Spaces on Amazon

Email me to buy a signed copy with pictures prints:

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