bamboo mugs & china//a poem

from poember day 8// tea cups and the vibe of the people drinking from them

They’re /
gen-z climate change activist wannabes
clutching bamboo mugs made of fibre and glue
doing their bit to save the world and worrying
what may become of it

They’re /
80s kids, large mugs with handles so wide and ceramic so thick that it
almost makes up for the high eyebrows and the look of false-confidence hiding behind their half-warm hands

second generation immigrants (most of us are) holding a China cup that made it
through the war
muttering that “they had seen worse days” and well,
maybe they have but the bamboo mugs are so new that they can’t
have seen much yet and

behind them all are the steady hands that brought the China cup across the ocean, holding cup and saucer with
easy grace, they have
drunk from this delicate cup many times in their life and
it still has not broken.

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