BOOK RELEASE: Waiting Spaces

Waiting Spaces: a poetry collection” is avalible to order now! You can order the black and white version here or the colour version here.

Waiting is a topic very dear to my heart. My family has moved several times and been unsure of whether we would be denied leave to stay in Britian.

I have spent many nights praying for God to send friends, waiting for people I could call my own.

And through it all, God has been so faithful.

Places of waiting are by no means easy, but the lessons I have learned through them have been invaluable. Many of the poems which were chosen for Waiting Spaces were written to myself or dear friends who were also in places of uncertainty.

My prayer is that Waiting Spaces encourages you through your own in-between times- to find the redemption in the midst of the waiting.

And I cannot wait to hear how they speak to you. To Abba be all glory.

The first fifty people to send in a picture of their receipt to will recieve some goodies as a thank you!

These include:

-Buy one, give one! Send in a friend’s email address. They’ll recieve a PDF eBook of Waiting Spaces for free.

-Phone wallpaper of some of the illustrations

-Printable PDF of an illustration in case you want to grace your walls with them.

Waiting Spaces is in two editions: black and white illustrations, and colour ones. This is because printing colour illustrations costs a lot more, and I wanted to give people the option of buying either. It is also avalible as an eBook.

You can buy the black and white version here and the colour version here. The eBook can be found with either.

Please send me stories of how it impacted you.

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