Waiting Spaces: a poetry collection

I’m a poet.

I’ve been writing and sharing poetry for several years, and I announced a while back that I was planning on releasing my first collection of poetry.

Well, I’m excited to say that it releases in a week!

Waiting Spaces is a collection which is very dear to my heart- many of the poems were written to friends and family, some were written to myself through difficult moves, and still others are simply worship.

Waiting Spaces centers around the idea that we have all waited. While searching for answers. Staying in places of rest and growth, or unsure of where to call home.Each poem is written as a letter to those who are in their own spaces of waiting. 

Perhaps you will find one written to you. 

Waiting Spaces will be avalible to order from Amazon on August 31 in eBook and paperback. I’m planning to release an audiobook version later next month.

First 50 orders to send in their receipt will recieve these gifts!

Just email a screenshot to acaciawritespoetry@gmail.com

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