too much for my mind//a poem

unadulterated equalship with
the one who took my place and
my shame and
who’s name endures eternally.

what is man that you are mindful?

when the wrath of God was poured out in its fullness and all creation was witness to your death and
the sky split with its agonizing echoing of
you died.
but more than that,
were raised to life and now are
seated high at the right hand of God-

what is man that you are mindful?
you, willing lamb and we, prideful and fallen, it is
unbounding grace and unimaginable mercy that

when we lay down our passion and pride
and choose the way and the truth and the life
when we choose to
and share in your glorious sacrifice
we become one with you, Christ.
it is too much to grasp. too much for my mind.

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