ladders & the memories i will be//a poem

Escapril again!! prompts: sunset & “the view from up here”

ladders and stairs
rooftop straights all
leading up to the sky, ungated
airspace above homes unknown to the ones beside them and
somehow still holding their own hopes
uniform homes contain unique residences, each a story waiting to be told
for better or for worse
a life boxed into 80 years can hardly be fathomed when it’s memories unwind and
yet in the end
it is confined to what others remember of it.
what is man that you are mindful of them?
when the sun sets one final time and the view from up there greets re-made eyes
what is it that i want said of my time on this two-tones ball headed for demise?
do i even want them to speak of me or instead
of how much God was seen through all that i did and said and breathed?

3 thoughts on “ladders & the memories i will be//a poem

  1. Wow…! You are such a deep digger of what is the “underneath truth”…Perspective is more than the physical, of sitting on a roof! Thanks for letting me see as you see! XOXO Jean


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