Weeping at Jesus’ Feet.

Luke 7 tells us the story of a woman who falls at Jesus’ feet and weeps.
He is at a dinner party, and she comes in (uninvited) simply to worship her king.
She weeps in adoration. She weeps in humility. She weeps as an act of worship.

How often am I conscious of how others perceive my worshipping?
How often do I do something radical in worship?

As I’m sure we’re all aware, the whole world is experiencing a crisis right now. So many things have changed, and it will continue to do so.
But one thing that has changed for me is how I worship.

In a church setting, it can be easy to worship along with everyone else- we sing the same songs, share testimonies, and take communion together. All of these are forms of worship.
But what happens when we strip away the church building and the program and the contact with other people?
We are left weeping at the feet of Jesus.

This woman comes and honours Jesus like this even though she knows that people will talk about her. She knows that there will be stares and whispers and judgements; people who question whether she is worthy to be in the presence of someone so learned and holy as Jesus. Still she comes, not to gain anything, but to humble herself before the only one who can forgive her.

How much more can I do this in my own home?

Perhaps now is a time for us to recenter our worship of Jesus- without the crowds and the rituals and the stand-up-sit-down.
Just between us and him.
And perhaps in the recentering of our worship, we’ll find that the amount we worry about the events around us should be small in comparison to the adoration we have for Jesus.

*Image taken from http://gracecalledmebymyname.blogspot.com/2017/01/meditations-from-book-of-luke-luke-736.html

3 thoughts on “Weeping at Jesus’ Feet.

  1. Thanks acacia. Profound thought! Can I share this for the morning meditation for Connect?

    David Mitchell

    Connect Church, Kirkcaldy

    (44) 7555 921037


  2. we have become so good at filling up our days…..He is calling us to come …and when we do , we see WHO He really is…..and the LOVE will not let us stand….”Oh the love of JESUS…!”

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