The Dream: Guest Post

The Dream

Written by Angela Dawne.

[a metaphorical poem based loosely off an idea given me by my psychology teacher]

I saw a man who stood alone

Away from other people

Though not alone because beside him

Stood four eager horses.

The first was strong and brown and short

I somehow knew his name

He was “Earth” with his mighty mane

And he stomped to confirm my thought.

The second was white- The colour of waves

Her mane was flowy and long

Her motions were light and simple indeed

Though beneath them, I saw the great strength.

The third was another brown horse though with spots

He was young and seemed rather impatient

He pawed at the dust and neighed at the man

I knew him, his name was “Life”.

The final horse stood in a corner

His dark smooth skin flowed black

His eyes bore into my soul

And I quaked at his silent judgement.

I waited to see what the man would do as he slowly took off his hat

With a gentle smile, he reached out his hand

And began to tame the horses.

Earth, he let run free and happy

Though he made sure to give him some Water.

Ocean he barely taught restraint

And handled her completely at ease.

Life he shook his head over sadly before taking his bridle in hand

Carefully he guided Life ‘round the training ground

Gentle, yet firm all the same.

The dark black stallion was left for the last

And I wondered his fate as I stood there.

The man looked the black horse straight in the eye

And commanded him to be still

The black horse froze and his eyes lost their glare

The spirit within sank low

He bird his head the man who had spoken

And the man gave a small smile.

I marvelled this man

His skills and his talent

He’d controlled the four horses with ease.

Earth, Ocean, Life, and evening the darkness-

He has it completely controlled.


Angela Dawne is a homeschooled dreamer, thinker and writer who often finds herself lost in the labyrinth of her mind.

She blogs at

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