Keyword: An interview with Angela Dawne.

Hello folks! 

Today I’m interviewing my writing mentor and fellow blogger, Angela Dawne. 

I have found Angela to be a fantastic thinker, writer, and encourager, and I hope you’ll enjoy my chat with her! 

Hello Angela! Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? What brought you to Jesus? What’s your favourite thing about him? 

I’m a reader, writer, thinker and dreamer.

My parents led me to the LORD when I was five years old.

I love his attribute of Prince of Peace. He’s been such a comfort throughout my life.

Tell us a bit about Key Word. Where did the idea come from?

Key Word is both a fiction and non-fiction blog. It focuses on one word every other week, and produces a piece of fiction and non-fiction from it. The idea came from a memory I had about when I was younger. My mother used to ask for the “Key word“ of whatever I wanted to say, instead of allowing me to interrupt, or forcing me to be completely silent.

What else do you write?

I write fiction novels and stories, and I write for Oh Beloved One magazine.

What do you hope that people will take away from your writing?

I hope people are entertained, and that the writing forces them to think outside the box and use their imagination a bit. Not in a magical and fantasy way, but in a way they wouldn’t normally think.

Bonus question: In three keywords, describe what you think Jesus would challenge about culture if he came back today to live among us. (You can give an explanation for them.)


I think He would want us to be real Christians, in the sense of being the same person both at home, and in the workplace. I think He’d want to see a world where He is reflected in every single one of His followers.


He would challenge us to love anyone and everyone. Those we like and those we dislike.


I think He would challenge us to pursue unconditional joy. Through all situations, I think He would want us to be content and joyful in Him and His Father.

Thank you so much Angela! I cannot wait to see what keywords you come up with for your blog and the writing that comes out of that. 

Go browse Angela’s blog here!

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