Cleaning outhouses and Jesus

This year I flew halfway around the world to go back home. While I was there, I did three weeks of CLT (camp leadership training) at Camp Bob and it was one of the best months of my life.

One of the things that CLT’s are responsible for is cleaning the toilets for the whole camp. Each CLT team is on that two-three times a week. Now, these aren’t just ordinary toilets, these are outhouse toilets. You look down that hole and stare into the soul of the devil. Thankfully, since we clean and spray them down twice a day, they don’t smell too bad.
CLT’s are also responsible for washing the dishes for one hundred twenty people every day, helping with meal prep, and running activities.
While doing all of this, I noticed something in my own heart- I was often bitter about serving. I chose to think things like “wow, I paid for a summer of cleaning toilets and doing dishes.” And so one day, while I was wiping down tables, God spoke to me about it. He reminded me of two things: firstly, I can choose to serve because I have to, or I can choose to serve because WOW, I get to love these kids for a week! I get to pour into them and be an example! I get to love as Jesus loved in just a little way! I can pray for each of these kids as I wash their dishes! Thank you God for this chance to be a small part of your plan!
And secondly, if I am responsible with the small things God set in front of me (like doing dishes and cleaning toilets and wiping down tables), he will give me more things to be responsible for, like the parable in Matthew 25:14-30. A master leaves his servants with different levels of responsibility, and rewards those who stewarded it well by giving them more when he comes back.
I want that from Jesus.
I want him to come back and say “well done my good servant, you took care of these things that I asked you to. I’m proud.”
But even more than that, I want Jesus to give me responsibility here on earth.
“Well done my servant, you did well loving those campers as I would, listening and pointing them to me. Now I will give you villages. Cities. Nations.”

Slowly, I began to see how this mindset applied to my entire life.
I SO OFTEN choose to serve God with an “I have no choice” attitude. I recently found out that my family will be moving (to the fourth house I’ve lived in over the past four years) and my first response was “I don’t want to but I will do it.” Mostly airing on the “I don’t want to” side.
However, if I choose to live with this kingdom mindset of serving and being thankful for what role I have, it completely changes the dynamic. I go from being angry to being excited about what adventure Jesus has next. Serving at CLT provided me with so many unexpected adventures- from star gazing to dishwater fights to getting to know people heart-to-heart and also hanging out with some fantastic campers.
And honestly, I cannot wait to see the new adventure God is bringing for when I move. I want to serve him there, to get the joy of walking in his plan. Who knows where that could take me?

Here’s a few photos from camp! From top left to right: 1) My campers and I on the sharknado. “Acacia, we want you to come on with us because you fall off a lot so we can jump in the water.” Thanks guys. 2) The CLT group prepping for one of our infamous wide games. Star wars, anyone? 3) Worship times on the bluff! 4) One of our incredible skits based on the TV show Gilligan’s island, which only one person had actually watched when we did the skit. 5) My beautiful CLT girls! So many deep chats and strange inside jokes. 6) Our shalay. So many good memories, from snacks to teaching times. 7) Nymph falls! It took several attempts for me to get onto this ledge. My friend did it in one go. woo. 8) Welcoming (or scaring) the campers as they came in on the first day.

One thought on “Cleaning outhouses and Jesus

  1. Great post! Love you.


    David Mitchell

    Serving with Connect Church, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

    On mission in Scotland with Into All the World

    mobile (44) 07555 921037


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