Often times, it is not the organized moments which bring joy, but the accidental ones.
A catch up with an old friend, a walk through the woods and-more.
Let’s try this.
I am always put in awe by water, of the way it moves and defies order and yet blends
perfectly into it.
Something in me is always drawn to it, and today is no different.
Jeans were not made for flexibility, but everything is meant to be stretched.
I climb.
Barefoot, always knowing that two shards
or one half
could stop the day
And the week
And the month
I reach the top of the rock-
water pours over, continuously different.
Moss moves into the spaces between my toes and
Focus, brace
I face a half-fall by choice
R e l e a s e
It is far faster than I expect- the rock
falls away and the ground
comes towards me and now it is past and I fall forwards into the earth.
I am water.

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