Breathe in
rewind, take the time to fail.
Don’t get caught up in
boxes and lines and tickets and fines
and this defines me and I can’t move past
and I can’t remember when my soul last
take the time to laugh.
To stop.
To break.
To slow down and appreciate the season that you’re in today.
Yesterday was a gold tinted rose
thorns speckled the stem but in the end
something beautiful became of it.
Something beautiful was made from it.
And today is a new start;
letting go of this rose
for one that hasn’t yet bloomed.
Leave room for silence.
Leave room for growth.
Leave room for days when you’re tired and you simply cannot go.
Learn to embrace this place even in the face of
continually walking alone.
Let yourself laugh at things that only you see
bring the gifts only you can bring.
Don’t envy her for what she gives
because you weren’t given her life to live.
Sometimes jewels are placed in the same place as machines
and though they try as they might
the jewels can’t breathe.
Can’t be.
Can’t act like they were not made to be free.
So learn to see yourself as you are;
free from scars and people pleasing and
disbelief in all your dreaming.
Embrace today and soon
will bloom.

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