cherry blossom |3|

Ten, four
Cherry blossoms
I watch the green alive around me.
Where am I? Where am I?
Cross my heart and hope I fly
ignore my heart and wish for death.
Cold air, piercing deep, please-
let me catch my breath.
Little bird, cherry tree
you know where you find safety
One grows
in the arms
Of another.
Twigs grow, birds find
soon you’ll be a mother.
Do you find, cherry tree
that it’s hard to bear
the weight of lives that grow inside-
Twenty-two, twenty-three
petals fall
bare to buds to blossoms to broken to bare
take care, take care.
Little bird, find another home
even though it will go
before you know you’re there.
Green to brown and brown to dreams
strange how we treasure
short term things.


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