{alright hours}

Everything is loud at this time of the night.

I can sit in the darkness and


see light,

examine every conversation and

tone and

“Try, try harder.”

“Try, try less.”

“Get more things.”

“You’re so blessed.”

This quiet is loud

and my head is a mess.

Often turning inwards only ingrains my worries into me;

puts blocks up that I

can’t see


At last, at last, I open my eyes

and pour out my life

In the dark.

At last, at last

I finally tell you things you already know and

this loudness at this time of night becomes

the times that I fight.

The alright hours.

The times when I find flaws and then

discover their true power.

Because you’re not afraid of mistakes.

You’re not afraid of stillness.

You’re the only thing that can come

And fill this time where I used to let my thoughts roam unchecked.

But no more, what happened before is behind and now, in the loudness of the night

You come and restore my soul.


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