{This is Paradise}

I miss the

hot humid evenings of

walking and no fear and

laughter over everything.

You taught me to accept

and to reject rejection.

It’s a rare thing to find

people who are of the same mind and

who set you on fire more

than you were before they were in your life.

But eventually-

you have to leave.

You leave, they leave.

And as you realize this

your soul starts to grieve.

Your heart weaves

fantasies and melodies and

half-true stories of what might have been…

because let’s face it.

It’s easier to dream than to

live in the moment.

It’s painfully easy to lose your focus.

It’s hard to remember that

life is formed of

the small sidewalk cracks

that take you back to when you were two or

the familiar people who become so routine that it seems as though they are no longer needed.

Patterns repeated over and over lose

the color that you used to see.

Don’t let them.

Let the repetition be

a part of the dance-

and still

when it seems to cage you in

and the stage you’re in gives no room to breathe

allow your soul to break free.

Life was not made to stay the same,

from day to day,

from place to place.

But we forget to be brave.

You’re allowed to create waves

right where you are.

Don’t aim for stars; they’ll only burn you.

Words said stay in your head and hurt you

Breathe deep and release

the memories- and you will see

this place can be made into paradise.




*Image taken from here.

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