{Sunset, moving on}


sunset meets

the horizon and I realize

it’s time to move away.

Sunsets fade

and so do memories;

revisiting this place means


Not only the things I wish I

could forget, but also

letting myself see the good.

I’m not sure which hurts worse-

never seeing beauty

or never forgetting it.

Never letting it  wash over your soul and ease your tired mind or

lying awake every night

wishing that you could go back.

They say that everything comes in time


the longer you watch a sunset

the more its colors subtly blend and bend and mend themselves

from one seamless skyline to another.

Soon you can’t tell them apart from each other.

It’s blurred.

And we say

this large explosion of color is changed into something less-

less entrancing, more mess.

Something that takes more steps

to find the allure and cosmopolitan rest.

Why do we expect

big experiences to be the most gratifying?


as this sunset fades

from brilliance and fire

to the end of today

you’ll find

in deep hues of blue and small specks of light-

it’s bittersweet for old days to dim

but this time of night

has its own glory.

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