This is my resurrection day

Every debt has already been paid

I can look anything in the eye and say

See the boss, go talk to him.

Went out on a whim and lost a lot of things

Memories in the past make me stumble from the sting

But now I’ve found freedom and my heart sings

I don’t need to live in the past.


It’s hard

walking down hallways

sideways glances-

‘You know her? She’s the one.’

People talk and mock and whisper and make fun

And when you decide that it’s time

to move on

you can’t

Forget the past.

It lasts and lasts.

You’re case aside with your assigned label

in an unstable place of

not being what you once were and yet

not being what you reach for.

But there is more. There is more.

Even when it seems like every door

closes before you’ve had a chance to try.

Even when you have nothing left to cry.

Even when your world falls in and

there is no longer a certain pattern to live

you will be alright.

Take it one day at a time.

Even though this day is a heavy weight

that takes away your calm

Learn to let it go-

over time, take it slow.

It takes practice to dance on your own.

Let yourself get away

soul escape to the place that

you feel most at peace.

Cease to worry.

Cease to strive.

Stop and remember

He’s kept you


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