//Live Fully//

Let go

Of past rejections

That keep you from opening your heart.



Sometimes they don’t know where to start.

People who carry wisdom often find

That what they hold in mind is

Shunned by those around.

Misunderstood by the crowd.

Jeered at by those who are too proud to humble themselves to learn.

The burn hurts. Makes us shut people out. Causes us to start to doubt that others will

ever see, no matter how hard we plead.

But daughter,

How they live does not define you.

Release the life that bubbles inside you.

Let yourself love regardless of the way it’s received, perceived, or believed in.

Let yourself wrestle through the questions until you have answers that satisfy. Until what

you do gratifies. Until your confidence rises high and you no longer have to strive

because you are already more than worthy.

Every petal will eventually fall

From the flower from whence it came.

But even after its full glory is depleted those petals can be rearranged, former and

shaped into something different. With it comes new value. A new goal.

A making of the old rose into something which is not just seen and smelt but felt to

contribute something else. A different kind of beauty. Embrace it. Face it head on.

Before long you’ll begin to see why you were put here at this time.

Why your heart doesn’t march in line.

Own it, live it, let it go.

This is so. This is so. This is so. This is so.

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