Often times


Is not measured by how full our cup is

But by how full theirs is.

We don’t forgive ourselves

As easily

For forgetting.

Instead, we’re overstressing

Trying to fit in this thing and that thing and

Pushing ourselves to the brink

Just so we can think that

We’ve achieved the mark.

Because let’s face it. It’s hard

In the middle of chaos, to feel like a queen who owns her dignity.

It’s hard not to fix blame on us when another plate falls off a stick and

We watch the clock tick

Off one second

Two seconds

We forget to slow down and savor

Simple life lessons

So mama, take the time to stop and refresh and revive your mind. To breathe. To release the clutter you’ve stored inside.

It hurts our pride to be known

As less than perfect;

We want to own

Our own place, our own boasts

We try to please and do the most so we can gain and retain our reputation.

We have to relearn.

Learn to pause

In the noise

In the chaos.

Learn that you can choose joy; employ it when least felt-

In the midst of dirt and cries that make us sigh to him and say

“I can’t do this on my own.

I can’t be a support to so many so long.

I need to be seen.

Every day I’ll keep pushing on

As long as you hold me up.

Overflow my cup and teach me to see

That the spill is part of our journey.

That your will is for satisfaction to fill me.

That though the possibilities presented don’t thrill me,

You’ll take my inadequacy

And make it more than enough.”

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