//He Sees//

When you are tired

Rest in peace

Breathe in

Be still

And know he sees

The words spoken over you

Do not define

The sparkle of life

In your eyes

Don’t be afraid of it

Don’t try to hide

Live boldly and speak

What’s shouting inside

Tonight was draining so

When you’re helpless call

The on who is with you

The one who sees all

Let his whispers wash over your soul

Let them mold

And shape

And grow

And replant

And re-blow

The fire that sometimes

Starts to burn low

Let him heal the scars

Of not knowing and

Self doubt and

Not showing the stress

And trying to figure life out

And when the world is spinning too fast to unblur

Be still and know

That when you cry he hurts

May his peace protect you

Though all seems wrong

Though there’s much expected of you

He’s here so you don’t need to be strong

And in the morning you can awake

Knowing that

Though circumstances haven’t changed

Neither has the fight within you

Though hateful words are thrown your way

His promises still ring true

And when your heart cries

And longs to be free

Breathe in

Be still

And know that he sees.

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