(Inspired by a project where we had to look at a picture and come up with words for it, whether or not they applied to the picture.) 

They felt

Neon sadness

Of a lonely, hypnotical nature

That wove in and out

Of the reflections of


Which flew and expand

In a quest to find

The edge of space

And the sky…the color monarch

Reminding that time

Reigns beyond

When man lights the world

We, sky fire,

For two seconds

Climb higher,

Two seconds

Our identity- brint and bold

We fake and try to stand

Out of the mold

While staying

The same color,

Like water, reflecting those around

In a slightly different shade, with slightly different movements.

But at the end of it

We are alone.

Only we know

The true power and fierceness

That come

Before we fade away

Volcanic red, a show of passion

And lunar blasts…

But these last

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Before darkness beckons

And the fireworks become


With the sky.


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