Be a Blade.


We can’t do life alone….


Which way does a blade of grass face?


What happens if it is covered?

It withers. 


Because without the light

We die. 

Try as we may

We cannot stay

Covered, hidden. 

A blade of grass strains

Upwards, onwards

Not caring about its blemishes 

Or who sees them

Because underneath, 

Its roots go deeps. 

And the blade knows that

It cannot grow if

It allows itself to become stiff

From trying to hide the scratches  

That come from being alongside 

The other blades. 

But if it is covered

It cannot grow. 

What about us?

We constantly try 

To say

That we’ve had no worries, 

That everything is great. 

We cover the lines 

That reveal 

That we’re not as complete 

That we don’t have as much appeal-

Or do we?

Does being damaged mean 

We won’t be loved?

I think that we think 

That if others saw scratches

They would shrink away

From our pain- 

But would they?

Do we criticize a baby for falling?


And look where babies go! 


Because they don’t care if they fall

As long as we help them up again. 

Soon they grow beyond where they were before

Soon they reach and open doors

Soon they find that they can do 

And say 

And think

And make 

So much more than what they could

Before the mistakes. 

But soon they find 

That mistakes aren’t wanted anymore

That doors must be opened

On the first try. 

And that’s when babies 

Stop trying to fly. 

Because what happens when we cower, 

When we cover ourselves?

Then we can’t grow 

We slow

And eventually 

Our roots fail. 

Be a blade

Of grass, of iron. 

Scars are how we are made

Reach up. 

Reach higher. 


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