Local Outreach With the Vails and Pies in the Face!

Heeey guys!

It has been an intense few weeks- from door to door evangelism with our friends to fundraising for Hong Kong to moving out of our house for three months. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First things first: We had nine people staying with us for a week. Yup. Nine. It was awesome! Anthony and Olivia Vail + their six kids + Montanan the Nanna came and taught us about evangelism! We knew them already from our home town in Canada but they had moved away since they work with the military.

The Vails work with E3, an organization that seeks to Equip people to evangelize the nations and establish Jesus church through his disciples who make disciples (who make disciples who make disciples….and so on and so forth!). They were out in the UK on a scouting mission to help ESTABLISH E3 on this side of the pond. While they were here they taught at our local homeschool co-op on how to evangelize as a family, share the gospel and follow with people who were interested. We were then kicked out to go door to door praying and sharing the gospel with people. What an amazing experience! We were able to share and pray with a lot of people around the village and four people accepted Jesus as their Lord. Many of the people also asked for prayer for the Manchester attack, since it had happened the night before. (To learn more about what the Vails do and support their ministry you can check out their news letters here!)

I found it amazing how open people were to having prayer. For some reason going door-to-door seems scary- because what if someone slammed the door in your face? But most people seemed very open to it and were thankful that we were going out to bless people.


Above: Mr. Vail teaching at our local homeschool group. 

 Amidst this fantastic teaching I’ve also been fundraising for my trip to Hong Kong! (To read what me and the rest of the team will be doing there you can read my post about it here.)

Fundraising has been an amazing/hilarious experience.

In the past few weeks I’ve raised around £1,550. My goal has been increased to £1,500 because of insurance, vaccines and travel costs to get to and from the airport…so I’m done! Others from the group still need funding though so any more donations will go to the rest of the team.

Fundraising is a blast! Our local kids bible club donated whip cream for a pie-for-a-pound flip with the kids. For every pound the kids donated to Hong Kong they got to pie me in the face! I got pied around twenty times and raised  £60 thanks to some generous donations from youth leaders who wanted a shot.



I couldn’t really see anything at this point. Tasted good though! 

Friday evening we hosted a fundraiser in our church hall featuring baking donated by several very generous and talented ladies from our church, a magician friend of my Dad’s, and music from my Dad, Montanan and myself.

We had a blast laughing at Stephen’s magic tricks, singing, sharing about what I’ll be doing in Hong Kong and eating awesome food. A couple friends of mine came to do balloons and face painting too.

The Vails had to pack up and leave late Friday night after the fundraiser.

Saturday we packed up our house, Sunday we left and Mom and Dad went to a conference in St. Andrews while the kids stayed with granny.

Today I’m up in Skye, where I’ll be most of the summer (besides Hong Kong!) and it’s my brother Andrew’s ninth birthday. What!? I remember when you were born, kiddo.

Please pray for our ministry here and in Hong Kong! To God be the glory.


~Acacia the Tree

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