Late night thoughts 🙂

Behind each of our eyes lies a thousand lands that no one else can see; places where we dare to dream and scheme and hope and scream for more. Where we search for our core. There behind the locked door of our minds we dare to imagine beyond our little world and we start to question and search and look for pearls, for gems, that we believe will complete us, goals that, if achieved, will mean that we are worth something. Anything really. Something that says our desires aren’t silly, but meaningful.

Behind our eyes we hide the emotions, cramming them inside until they yell so hard that they spill against our will and kill our hopes that we’ll ever be able to hold ourselves together. These feelings that we’re told to hide because if we tried to convey them then people would disdain us and we would again be trapped in the space behind our eyes, inside our minds. Lies that lock in the dreams and tell us that the things we deem esteemed in us are nothing more than degenerating rust.

Behind our eyes in our own hidden places, masked by laughter and smiling faces, we search and wonder what we are made of- and perhaps even more- we dare to ask why we are here– what we’re made for. When you’re left alone with your own mind who are you? What lies behind your eyes? What dreams do you long for but never express? Why do you thinking concealing them is best? At night, in the dark, what keeps you from rest? What voices in your head mess with you the most, test what you know about yourself until you realize that there’s not much else? Either you have purpose or you don’t. You were created or you’re trash. So behind your eyes…what do you ask?

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