Late night thoughts 🙂

We look up at the stars 

and think 

we have an impact. 

We’re gone in a blink. 

Today we’re here, tomorrow we’re gone. 

And the stars 

go on

and on 

and on. 

Crazy, isn’t it?

That we believe

that we 

are the standard 

to achieve-

but when you sit back

and hold still

and wonder

about life and nill

whether we should have the right to kill

when simply looking at the stars

should fill

us with terror;

us with awe

in utter amazement  

of what we saw.


God made all the stars. 

He knows

just how many

stars there are.

 He knows 


how far 


And we should be in awe

of the stars. 

Not just the stars- 

but the one who made them. 

Incredibly, flawlessly, effortlessly created them. 

Put into motion 

raging balls of fire, 

strung them above

so much higher 

gently held

in the palm of his hand 

effortlessly burning 

in a perfect plan. 

And the same God

who breathes orbs of fire

the same one who made the stars 

and tossed them higher 

who bends the laws of space

and time and mass

who knows the name 

of every ball of gas

who created the splendor 

and beauty of the stars

and guides their courses 

in the heavens afar- 

He knows

the struggles 

you’ve had today. 

He knows 

of the bills

you need to pay. 

He understands 

those silent tears. 

He’s listening 

with open ears. 

He not only knows 

the number of stars- 

He knows your hairs, 

your tears, your scars. 

The one who spoke the sun

into place

knows the worries you hide

behind a cheerful face. 

He cares so much that he sent his son

so that you and him could be one 

and like trying to count the stars in the sky

imagining that he 


about you and I 

more than make you joyful

more than make you cry

like the stars-


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