Happy Anniversary to Two Beautiful People

Dear Parents!

Sixteen years ago today y’all got hitched!  You’ve been though so many things, both amazing and not, but today you can still stand together and say ‘I do’.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the way you’ve showed me how marriage works, not to mention raised me, fed me, and taught me!  I love you so much!

Enjoy your story in poetry form 😀

Love, Acacia.

For her it was after a sign from heaven

For him it was after a year of prayer

But whether a bookmark or a word of wisdom

It was clear that God had brought them there.

This one night, her first there

She waited for Mr. Right

But then heard of some Canadian

Hidden out of sight.

He apparently was bad with blood

And one day took a spill

But even though she helped him up

They were only friends still.

Eventually the sad day came

When he had to trek back home

And suddenly the girl realized

How much she felt alone.

Now in those days the latest thing

Was emailing ‘cross the waves

And so they made this huge advance

To talk nearly everyday.

But one day her emails got lost

Trying to find her man

And it was during this time of silence

That he began to hatch his plan.

Gathering all this courage

And saying an extra prayer

He *gasp!* sent an email

Expressing feelings he’d been longing to share!

It was only after he’d sent the note

And she’d gleefully replied

That he found her own from weeks before

Filled with her own feelings she’d tried to hide.

He nervously picked up the phone

And dialed a number he knew oh so well

And waited for the dial tone

To stop and put him out of hell.

With a quavering voice and a fumbling mind

He railed and confessed

That he wanted her to be his forever-

And folks, she said yes!

However a few bumps stood in their way

For as soon as the question was asked

He remembered with a jump and a start


Thankfully Gran and Gramps were kind

And didn’t kill him dead

But they checked him out good and proper

Before they broke the bread.

At last came their wedding day

Complete with dresses and kilts

In fact one poor groomsman

Could have used some stilts!

This groomsman was a rather coy fellow

Who has just been married a few days

And his speech was full of love for his wife

To put it in a conservative way.

Dad’s dear old Dad apparently

Was still a little jet lagged

And so he caught forty plus winks

While the pew beneath him sagged.

Finally the day was over

Their wedding now was done

And the Scot and the Canadian,

Yes, these two became one.

They flew across the big blue sea

To the place that he called home

And then though they sometimes part

They are never truly alone.

They’ve been through many things

From miracles and miscarriages to monkeys and moves

But throughout the years together they’ve stuck

With a bond they’ll never lose.

This doesn’t mean they always agree

In fact it’s far from right!

For just the other day she stole his keys

While he was trying to get a surprise!

Although at times they do perhaps

Drive each other crazy

If you asked them on any given day

They’d say the other’s amazing.

So now the Scot and the Canadian

Celebrate the time

That brought them both together

And made a home yours and mine.

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