Advent Through Poetry Day FOURTEEN (Brightest Job)

At God’s court they told me to come. 

So I went God and God told me

that he was going to send his son

And wise men to him was I to lead.

So I flew so close to the world

that I could see these men

and downwards, strongly, brightly hurled

my light to be a guide to them. 

And there they saw me in the east

my light to lead the way, 

and so they left to worship the least

yet greatest man who came to save. 

On through the desert, on through the night, 

stopping and resting through the day. 

Pouring my soul into my light, 

On wards, always, leading the way. 

At times we got a little lost

so that prophecies would be fulfilled. 

And because of this we payed the cost

of a generation slaughtered, killed. 

At last I led them to the small house

that was graced by a growing boy so small. 

And they got down before they virgin and her spouse

and worshiped their son, the Lord of all. 

After these I was no longer needed

so I went back up to God. 

Who sent down a warning wisely heeded

and I shall never forget my brightest job. 

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