Advent Through Poetry Day TWELVE (I Just Wanna Be a Sheep)

Out in the fields, we all are. 

Wait- a light appeared in the sky!

I’m falling on my back and now I’m stuck.

Scared I’ll be made into pie. 

Wait what? The lights are…singing!

I feel fuzzy all over. 

What is this they say?

The Messiah is here and we are chosen?

They must be pulling the wool over out eyes!

But look- we’re leaving post haste!

My shepherds seem to believe these lights- 

They don’t seem to have a moment to waste!

Hey, someone turned me right side up- 

Better run,

must catch up.

We’re nearly there, I’m nearly done. 

Here we are, in a stable. 

I need some food!- wait! There’s something in the hay!

Why is there a baby in this feeding trough?

Could the lights have been right? Is today the day?

I have left my flock for this babe- 

I think I now know why. 

This baby, as the lights told us, 

is going to save all mankind. 

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