Advent Through Poetry Day ELEVEN (Hay!)

So sorry to all the three people who read my blog- forgot to post this yesterday!

This week it’s all about perspective.

I’m just hay- hey!

What’s that small bundle wrapped in cloth

they just put in my feeding trough?

Why is it squirming and screaming and-

Ew! Is that puke??

All over me?

No wonder I can’t see!

Wish I could- I hear all this noise. 

Are those shepherds singing unearthly joys?

What? Angels? Out in the fields? 

Not on that billy-goat next to me’s beard!

Ugh- all this weight on me- I’m feeling kinda bale. 

It’s worse than being wet and stale!

But the news they say- far too wild. 

The Messiah? Here? This tiny child?

On me, in me, making me chaff? 

Seems they’re all having a laugh. 

Well… could it be- could it be true?

This puking babe, this tiny Jew?

The Savior is lying down in my manger?

I’ve never dreamed of anything stra-OUCH! THAT HURTS!

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