Advent Through Poetry Day SEVEN (How Many?)

Inspired by Luke One.

How many times do I

speak too soon 

doubt your good news

forget to listen to you?

How many times

have you promised love

far beyond what

I have thought of?

How many times

do I question your truth

when all along 

you’ve provided so much proof?

How many times 

do I want you to explain- 

when you simply want

me to walk through the rain?

How many times

do my words 


with those you want others 

through me to hear?

How many times 

do I question 

who you’ve placed

Instead of

trusting your mercy and grace?

How many times 

would you reward me 

speaking up

but I’m too scared

to fill another’s cup?

How many times

am I startled by

your appearance in

my life when 

I should have been expecting you 

all along?

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