Advent Through Poetry Day SIX (Names Of Jesus)

Unto us

a son is born.

The Prince of Peace

Star of the morn. 



Almighty God


Alpha, Omega

beginning and end. 

Eternal, forever

redeemer, friend. 

Beloved, Son of God.

Christ alone

Rabbi, teacher, 


Hope to Hopeless

light in the Dark.

The word from God

Sole hitter of God’s mar-less mark. 

The word from God

the way, the truth, the life. 

Everlasting Father

ender of strife.

Prophet, judge, indescribable, gift.

One who sets free

Our hope, salvation, grace.

Love given Unconditionally. 

Messiah, Immanuel, king

Our redemption from the fall. 

This tiny baby in a stable

is LORD of all. 

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