Advent Through Poetry Day THREE (The Nativity Rap)

SO for Saturdays I’m going to be doing a special video poem type thingy.

Today’s is *DRUM ROOOLLLLL* RAP !!!!

WHAT?!?! You say. YOU CAN RAP?!!?

Nope. Not really. Buuut if you wanna watch me try to rap, you can go HERE and watch me bumble through this beautiful song.

OR you can just read it here 😉


In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree

That  a census should be taken from Rome to galilee

So everyone from everywhere went up to be

Home, whether that was in the desert or the sea

Now Mary was a gal who needed to talk with someone wise

Because God had revealed to her that inside her was the life

Of Immanuel, and so she went to her Aunt’s, away from prying eyes,

Found out auntie was expecting a prophet then wrote a song in that God is glorified

So Joseph was a carpenter, a man of David’s line

And he had to go to Bethlehem to be with his own kind

He was engaged to Mary, who would have seemed out of line

Except that she was preggo through the spirit, a fact ignored by many minds.

Now while they were there the time came for the baby to be born

But everywhere they looked was full, hostile forlorn.

They thought they just weren’t gonna make it to the morn

But someone jumped in quick and offered ‘em a barn.

Suddenly their calm was interrupted by a crowd

Of a group of shepherds singing God’s praise aloud

Then and there they excitedly explained how

A host of angels had come and told ‘em to come now

Joseph and Mary were told how they were watching their flocks by night

When all of sudden there appeared a great light

And how those despised in other men’s sight

Were the first to hear that this babe was the God of wonder and might.

When Mary heard all these things said about her son

That he was the messiah, she the chosen one,

And that he was a king who would sit upon God’s throne

She stored these things in her heart, a place hers and God’s alone.

Now a while later after they got set up with a place

Magi came bearing expensive gifts and exuberant praise

After following a star in the east for many, many days

But they had to leave by a different way because the king had gone insane

One night an angel came to Joseph in a dream and escape they must

So they ran off, leaving Judea in the dust

Word got round that the king was killing babies because he had no trust

But eventually in the ground he was laid to rust.

Now I doubt that Mary and Joseph knew at the time of delivery

That the baby who came into the world would shake all of history

Or that two thousand years later he would still get all glory

But wild and crazy as this all may seem it’s all part of a very true story.

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