Advent Through Poetry Day TWO (Return of the Christmas Pageant)

So for my first time appearing on le stage I was Mary. I was (gulp!) four. Joseph was also around this age. And so, as the mature and responsible toddlers/kids that we were, we did what any other little folks would have done in that situation. What was that, you say? Welp, it’s recorded in the first verse! Enjoy!*

Mary and Joseph are serenely fighting

Over baby Jesus lying in the hay

No one can stop their smiting

Because this is this year’s Christmas play.

An unruly shepherd takes his crook

And smacks an angel who can’t remember her line

The angel turns and gives him the look

Forgetting that she’s supposed to be kind.

Back stage the teens are panicking

Because someone forgot to bring their script

The poor producer is happily managing

Since part of the scenery just tipped.

The three amazingly wise men

got lost coming down the aisle

their star seems to enjoy

taking a very long while.

In the middle of the scene

The doll representing Jesus starts talking

An older angel is incredibly keen

And yells for the audience to stop gawking.

One small child whispers loudly

That a potty break is due

Another picks his nose proudly

But this, of course, is nothing new.

One hungry donkey takes up biting

And not just on the fake hay

A sheep’s ‘ba’ is a little exciting

Because of the excitement it betrays.

At the end, after stumbling through

They each make a bow or two

And even though it went rather amiss

They all know next year it will come again too.

*Shout out to our amazing drama director who runs the shows back in Canada now- I loved working with you and I seriously miss it SO flipping much! Glad that this never (mostly…) happened with us 😀

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