Advent Through Poetry Day ONE (Into the World)

Advent is a beautiful season. A time for reflecting on the God wild and crazy enough to send his own son down to earth he had created and we had destroyed in order to fulfill the crazy love story planned out before the beginning of time itself.

Pretty sure that’s a run-on sentence but whatever.

One of my favorite ways for reflecting is poetry. So this year I’ve set myself a challenge- to write a poem for every day of advent… or at least the next 25 days leading up to Christmas.

I hope that y’all will join me in this journey through the Christmas season, as we celebrate the delivery of a baby who would one day deliver the world.

Today’s poem is called (duh, duh, DUH!) Into the World.

Look around the world next to me

Wonder why God would sent a baby

Into this world.

So much hurt, so much pain-

Loss and violence, darkness and rain

In this world.

Why would God come into

this world we cannot break through

into this world?

Perhaps, perhaps I see.

Could it be?

Into this world-

He came to show

We must reach out of our own cold

Into this world.

The babe came to show us

That wealth does not define love-

Is that why he came into this world?

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