even in this darkness//a poem

even in this darknesswhen my heart is aching for the touch of familiar ease free of the thought of disease and feareven here, there is joy. there is the pouring of water in time with song andlong pauses when I can hear my own breath, there are small dances in the kitchen,pockets of laughter sandwichedContinue reading “even in this darkness//a poem”

What brings you hope now?

“Yet this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope.” This passage stuns me. Lamentations consists of three full chapters of someone crying out to God in the midst of acute suffering. He lists all of the reasons why there should be no hope. And then he says these words- and I am inContinue reading “What brings you hope now?”


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Hi! I’m Acacia. I’m a writer based in the UK who loves poetry, travel, and Jesus. Stay tuned for poetry and some deep thoughts.

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